Harbor Freight 7 X 12 Mini Lathe DRO's
Making It Easier To Turn Pieces To The Size Wanted

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These are the parts needed to install a carriage position DRO  The two angle mount brackets are of 3/32 aluminum.

Here are the ends of the DRO on the aluminum brackets that I made.  Left end is bolted to the threading indicator hole. Right side is drilled and taped into frame to mount angle bracket.

Here are a couple of general shots showing the 4 DRO's on the Mini Lathe

Here are the parts needed to mount the Tail Stock DRO.  I CNC cut the shaft mount bracket and bent the Z bracket from .032 aluminum.

The DRO has a range of about 1.5 inches as mounted.  Z bracket is mounted to tapped holes in Tail Stock

The  CNC cut bracket is drilled and tapped 2-56 for the clamping screw and the mounting screws to the end plate of the DRO.

The DRO's make it very easy to keep track of where and how deep you are cutting on your stock.
The two linear DRO's were purchased from Shars for about $55 for the pair.

The Compound DRO's are from The Little Machine Shop.  Pricey, about $150 for the pair

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