The CamBam Help file is a welth of very good information on the CamBam program and its overall operation.  Everything you need to know to work in CamBam is in this excellent help file.

I like to have a copy of the help file open when I am working in CamBam and, it is only a press of the ALT-TAB key combination to view at any time.  At times I found it difficult to quickly find what I wanted to know, so I decided to make it a bit easier to navigate using both a Bookmark Index and a Clickable Index on the first two pages.  Also, at the bottom of each page is a clickable link to take you back to the Index Page.

                      Here is a quick picture that shows some of the features of the Help File.

Please feel free to download and distribute as you feel necessary.   All the credit for this excellent reference material goes to Andy, (10Bulls), the author and head gruru of the CamBam program.


Incidentially, my favorite PDF viewer is Sumatra PDF.  You can get a copy free at the following location.

The Picture above is a screen shot of the Sumatra PDF Viewer

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