My New CNC
X  axis is 21", Y asix is 14", Z travel is  up to 3" under tool.  Added A axis,
tool height finder, and Home and Limit Switches on all three axis.

Another one of my hobbies, keeps me out of trouble when I have nothing better to do!
After selling my other CNC setup, it just did not seem right to not have a small CNC to
do those small hobby items that I have been doing over the many years!



Above, Is an overall picture of all the pieces of the setup.

Above ,shows the Table & Controller.  If you look closely at the picture, you can  see the Red & Black Mini Micro switches that serve as both Home & Travel Limit Switches.  I installed them and ran new cables and connetors to the Controller. 


Above, you can see the cables between the Control Box and the CNC Table.  The connector in the side is where I added in the limitswitch, home switch, and tool height finder control cables.

Above, is a  look at all the cables going into the Control Box.  The blue cable , on the left, is the USB Control cable going to the Computer that is running the system software for the CNC.



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