My Test Bench
I buy a lot of HP Test Instruments on eBay and spend a lot of time working at my test bench restoring them to like new condition.  I then resell them on eBay, so others can take advantage of having some fantastic older test equipment at a reasonable cost.
Just one of my hobbies, keeps me out of trouble when I have nothing better to do!

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Although not "Officially Certified" you can see that I have a service facility that meets Lab Standard Certification criteria.  Driven by my GPS Primary Standard, my test equipment
can provide measurements and adjustments, traceable to NIST Standards.
When I service and calibrate a piece of test equipment, it will meet or exceed the Manufactuers Specifications.  Most of the equipment that I sell on eBay, looks and works almost like new!


Above Is an overall picture of my workbench space.  Laptop on the left captures and sends scans from the Spectrum Analyzer to the printer in my workshop office area.

Between the two stacks of equipment are an HP 8406A Comb Generator, on top of that an HP 8447D 25 db Amplifier that covers  .1 to 1300 MHz.  Above that an HP 355D Attenuator to -120 db.

Above is the HP 8595E Spectrum Analyzer, 9 KHz to 6.5 GHz with Tracking Generator.  On top of that is a Wavetek 2002A Sweep Generator.   Frequency range is 0 KHz to 2.5 GHz

Two Tektronix Oscilloscopes.  On top is a 2440 Digital 500 MS/s.  On the bottom is a 2465B Analog, covering DC to 400 MHz.  
Both are 4 channel Oscilloscopes.

Above is the laptop showing the Spectrum Analyzer scan, ready to send to the printer.

This is the laptop, in the far corner of the first picture, showing my Trimble GPSDO tracking 8 GPS Satellites.  This is  monitoring my Primary Frequency Standard, that feeds a 10 MHz standard signal to several pieces of equipment on my test bench.

Below the Laptop is the box containing the  10 MHzTrimble GPSDO, power supply, and Frequency Divider.  To the right is my 10 MHz Distribution Amplifier feeding my test gear.

Above you can see how I built  the Power Supply,  Frequency Divider, and the Trimble GPSDO into a single package.

Here is the Radome containing my Trimble GPSDO Antenna.

Above, on the right, is the Trimble Antenna up on my roof.

Here is the group of equipment on the right side of my work bench.  HP 6227B Power Supply on far right.

Above is the HP 8446B Precision Signal Generator.  Range is from .46 KHz to 2060 MHz.   On top of that is an Keithley 2015 Digital Multimeter and next to that is a Racal-Dana 1999 Frequency Counter.  Range is 10 Hz to 2.6 GHz.

Above, on left, is an  Boonton 92EA RF Millivoltmeter.  On top of that is a WaveTEK 144 Waveform/Sweep Generator

Here is an HP 8660C Synthesized Signal Generator, that I am in the process of rebuilding and calibrating.  Is a really nice one that will be for sale on eBay in days to come.


Every piece, of the above equipment, has been purchased on eBay and where necessary cleaned up, rebuilt, and calibrated to meet or exceed factory standards.  There are some really good bargains out there for good quality test gear that needs some tender loving care.  I really enjoy bringing this great old equipment back into operation.  I try to make it look and work just like it did the day it came from the factory!   73...George - WB8BGY



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