Mavic Air Storage Case  & Modifications
Case Made By  GPC (Link Below)

After spending a lot of time on the Web, trying to find a case that i liked, and would hold everything that I needed
to take along on a field trip, I finally decided on the Mavic Air Case sold on Amazon by GPC.

Although it was was my final choice, it was not quite what I actually wanted, but by doing a lot of thinking  about what
I could do to make it fit my needs, I felt confident that it would hold everything I needed while traveling with the Mavic Air.
To hold all the parts and pieces that I wanted, some interior modifications would be necessary.  See all about it below.

Here are the items that I wanted to fit into the modified case.
Mavic Air Drone
Control Unit
Spare Props
4 Batteries
Assorted types of cables
iPad Air2 Tablet
iPad Air2 Tablet Holder

For Travel, the original Charger Power Supply, Four Battery Hub, and all cables fit nicely into the original Mavic Air Drone case. 

The pictures below show the loaded case, ready to go, after all the modifications were made.

Below you can see where I enlarged the outer opening for the Base Mounting Plate

Below you can see where I cut the top right corner out so that the
tablet holder and neck strap would fit into the opening. 
There is still room below to hold 4 of the propellers.

Below is the storage area for the iPad Air2 Tablet and Spare Prop Sets.
It all fits very nicely behind the Top Cover foam padding.

Below is the new Tablet Holder & Link To Information

If you are looking for a really nice quick charger for 4 batteries, the Control Unit, and your Phone, be sure to check out the link below.
This one charges up to 4 batteries at the same time, plus both the Control Unit and my iPad Tablet.
I was able to charge all four batteries in just under 70 minutes.  Is a new release, has insulated plastic case and connector covers.
As I mostly charge my devices at home, I leave this  unit at home , except for longer over night road trips.

In the car, I carry a small 80 Watt Harbor Freight Inverter.  With the small Mavic Air Batteries,
it makes it really easy to top off or recharge while driving down the road between shooting locations.

So there you have it, my answer to traveling with the Mavic Air.  Of all the cases I looked at, this one
is the one that meets all my needs, with only a few simple modifications with a sharp razor knife.

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