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If you have been here before, please read the following Web Site update information, posted on 1/17/2016

There have been some changes since you were here last!  I have not made a lot of changes or updates on prices or postage for some time.  Over the past many years, it has finally caught up to me, and I found it necessary to come up with a new price structure that was both fair to me as well as my Customers.

Do to the announcement by USPS of a big increase in postage for International & Domestic Retail Shipping Prices, effective on January 17th 2016, I find it necessary to increase my shipping costs effective immediately.

As part of that process, I have also looked at the cost of materials that I use in construction of my many items, and find that over the years most of my materials have doubled in price, or more.  As my prices have not changed much at all in the past several years, I now find it necessary to update the selling prices on everything that I sell on my Web Site.  Most items will cost a bit more, and to my surprise, a few will cost less.

I have come up with a uniform pricing structure that I will be using from now on.  It is simply based on the amount of metal, plus the hardware,  plus the time necessary to produce the product.   This formula has been applied to all of my CNC produced products and they are now priced accordingly.

Everything now goes into a Spread Sheet, and the resulting prices are calculated out automatically.  Makes it a whole lot easier when I add a new product.  It is designed to assure a fair price to my Customers, and provides me with a fair return for my work in building the product.

Thanks to all of my Customers for the support you have shown me these past years.  

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